Top 5 Amazing Places Play Golf in Around the World


It has always been acceptable to call golf ‘a ruined nice walk’ or ‘fun without work’ depending on which side of the conversation one is in. To most people, the best thing about Golf isn’t how the player gets time to connect with nature, and listen to the wind; it is how it offers a … [Read more…]

Women Golfers and How to Become One

Golf is one sport that only a few decades back was ruled by men. We rarely saw a woman playing professional golf. But as the years progressed, more and more women have become interested in the sport. Others may see golf as a boring sport because there is not much physical movements involved unlike basketball … [Read more…]

Why a golfer needs a carry-on bag when travelling

I know that a lot of you can’t live without their golf bags. I was one of those people. Recently I went to South-Africa where I competed in a local golf tournament. I took the plane to get there. By boat would take a little bit too long of course. My golf bag was on … [Read more…]

Take Your Baby with You While Golfing

You might feel a bit guilty each time you play golf and leave your baby behind. Of course, golf is also a mental game so you want to be totally focused while playing the game. However, when you are out there and you think about your baby whom you left at home, it can be … [Read more…]

Can a mobility scooter be used as a golf cart?

Many seniors love golf but find that limited mobility interferes with their game or prevents them from playing entirely. Bad balance and fatigue can make a hole-in-one impossible. If you’ve recently purchased a mobility scooter you may be wondering if you can use it as a golf cart to get back on the course. The … [Read more…]

10 Weirdly Superstitious Male Golfers & Sports Stars

There is a strange phenomenon among male sports stars that simply does not seem to affect us ladies as much as them, and that is the adoption of superstitions. There are a number of reasons sports stars excel in their given sport. Practice, psychology and diet are just some of the ways to achieve total victory … [Read more…]

A Mishap During Golf Class

This is a funny story that was shared to us by Anne, one of the women in our little golfing club. Anne is a 57 year old housewife and an avid golfer.  She teaches a children’s golfing class at the club in her area. We thought we’d share this with all of you not just … [Read more…]

Women & Paintball

Paintball isn’t as dangerous as people make it sound. It engages participants to use military gear and shoot paints at each other. Probably, the sight of military combat discourages women to engage in paintball. Currently, the game attracts only 15% of women. This number ought to increase as it is enjoyable and fun. Paintball is … [Read more…]

A Break from Golf: Other Outdoor Activities for Women

Obviously this is a golf focused site, and pretty much everyone who’s reading any of this will be something of a golf fanatic. That being said, sometimes you just feel like trying something new. Since I try my absolute best to stay in shape and healthy, I always try to do some physical activity, even … [Read more…]

Sharpening Your Golf Club Grooves Is a Must!

Both hobbyists and professional golf players should realize the importance of conditioning their golf clubs. It is the condition of their clubs that dictate how good their game would be. Golf clubs, although made from high quality materials, are not immune to wear and tear. Practice Makes Perfect… and Wears You Out too! If you … [Read more…]

5 Nutrition Tips for Golfing Ladies

Whether you’re enjoying a training session or a full 18-hole game, proper nutrition is a vital ingredient to staying energised, focused, and strong while playing golf. Great nutrition planning should start at home: a golfer needs to maintain concentration and skill over a period of 3 to 5 hours, and if the sun is out, … [Read more…]

Can You Play? Yes You Can!

If you are a woman reading this article, you probably are a golfer yourself. However if you’re looking to get involved in the golfing world the PGA would like to encourage you. The Professional Golfers’ Association (also known as the PGA) of America has recently and excitingly launched a drive to encourage more women into … [Read more…]

How to stay healthy during holiday season

Holiday season is around the corner, and it can mean different things for different people. Some people take time off to spend with their family; others go on vacations with their significant other.  Some people go to lots of glittery Christmas parties, while still others may go to the driving range! Regardless of your personal … [Read more…]